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Rail's Marbles
cursed repetition
I'm not dead. 
20th-Jun-2016 02:19 am
Prolly a good idea to update this thing, huh? For those of you that don't follow my tumblr and therefore didn't know, surgery went well. Really well. Far better than expected well. I'm somewhere on the tail-end of the chemo set now, and unless something goes terribly wrong I should be done with this whole treatment mess come November. Then it's just routine monitoring from then on out to spot if it decides to attack again.

So what else has been happening? I set up a webbysite for Pixel Ponies Gaming, the natural evolution of the video game setups that I've been running at various events for ages. TrotCon's coming up soon this year, and things are looking to somehow be better than ever, even with the general mlp fandom shrinking at current. I acquired a vehicle, a dark green 2002 Honda Odyssey. It's EXTREMELY useful for hauling stuff, which is in turn EXTREMELY useful for the various events and cons that I have to lug stuff to. I returned to work at Sears, right up to the maximum limit I'm able to work at the moment, which is.. hardly useful, honestly. Work + disability is *just* enough to cover the bills, with a miniscule amount left over for anything else. Life on hiatus, I guess. Luckily, again, come November that should change and I should be able to find a more-or-less "real" job that will allow me to move forward. Maybe. If I'm lucky. And I'm never lucky. >_>

Beyond that, I've mostly been catching up on some anime, playing around with some older video games, and generally reaffirming my love for retro tech. Sprinkle some creative writing on top and that mostly wraps up what I've been up to.

As usual, for day-to-day drivel and way too many reblogs of mostly art, follow my tumblr. Otherwise, catch ya' in another few months or so!
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