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Rail's Marbles
cursed repetition
Mebbeh Ur a Poneh 
25th-Nov-2011 04:52 am
It's been a while, eh? I don't use this like I once did. Seems odd, considering it was one of the few things I've generally used routinely through thick and thin. So what have I been up to, you wonder? A whole lot of something and nothing, baby steps and fun.

I got Tumblr. It's kinda, a wonderful mix of all the things I like about this, Twitter, dA, and much of the other social networks out there. Not quite microblogging, but allows for ample room to just infinitely reblog interesting things. One can find it (unsurprisingly) here:


Otherwise, still playing dat Ponycraft, listening to dem musics, readin dem books.

Mebbeh things are going a bit better. Mebbeh not. Everything's constantly in flux. For once though, I can honestly say, this year has been better than... many in recent memory. New friends, better friends, more financial control, more freedom, more... fun. Good times, for the time being.

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