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15th-Feb-2017 07:21 pm - Well, my mom died.
My mom was taken into the emergency room due to severe stomach pains Monday morning. She had a minor tear in her small intestine that required surgery… and she never recovered from the surgery. Years ago she had developed breast cancer that she fought and beat. They discovered that her cancer had came back towards the end of October, and it wasn’t responding to the chemo this time. It apparently had progressed very rapidly, because according to the doc her abdomen was just full of cancerous growths and they’re what caused the tear in the first place. She passed away in the early AM yesterday.

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17th-Oct-2016 02:43 pm - AniRave '16
It's that time again. Spooktober. What is it? It's a mystery. Skeletons and such, idek. Regardless, AniRave 2016! As usual, 10/31-11/2. Poneh Haus. It'll be pretty low-key this year, 'cuz we broke. We'll be doing the usual binge watching of horror-themed animu and movies, play some 2spooky games, prolly also have a drinking game or two. I acquired a DVD copy of Priness Prolemonade at a yard sale too, so might break open that and see if it's any different from the version we've had ;3 If'n ya' got someone ya' wanna invite, feel free, but tell 'em to bring a bottle and a fiver towards peetzer or summat.

What: AniRave 2016
When: Halloween and then some. 10/31 - 11/2, roughly 6pm-6pm (def not all-or-nothing, don't feel like you *have* to be here for the full thing or summat)
Where: Poneh Haus, Springfield, OH. Poke me for address if you've never been.

Do RSVP with your plans if you're plannin' on showing up, and feel free to poke me with any questions. Cheeribees.

20th-Jun-2016 02:19 am - I'm not dead.
Prolly a good idea to update this thing, huh? For those of you that don't follow my tumblr and therefore didn't know, surgery went well. Really well. Far better than expected well. I'm somewhere on the tail-end of the chemo set now, and unless something goes terribly wrong I should be done with this whole treatment mess come November. Then it's just routine monitoring from then on out to spot if it decides to attack again.

So what else has been happening? I set up a webbysite for Pixel Ponies Gaming, the natural evolution of the video game setups that I've been running at various events for ages. TrotCon's coming up soon this year, and things are looking to somehow be better than ever, even with the general mlp fandom shrinking at current. I acquired a vehicle, a dark green 2002 Honda Odyssey. It's EXTREMELY useful for hauling stuff, which is in turn EXTREMELY useful for the various events and cons that I have to lug stuff to. I returned to work at Sears, right up to the maximum limit I'm able to work at the moment, which is.. hardly useful, honestly. Work + disability is *just* enough to cover the bills, with a miniscule amount left over for anything else. Life on hiatus, I guess. Luckily, again, come November that should change and I should be able to find a more-or-less "real" job that will allow me to move forward. Maybe. If I'm lucky. And I'm never lucky. >_>

Beyond that, I've mostly been catching up on some anime, playing around with some older video games, and generally reaffirming my love for retro tech. Sprinkle some creative writing on top and that mostly wraps up what I've been up to.

As usual, for day-to-day drivel and way too many reblogs of mostly art, follow my tumblr. Otherwise, catch ya' in another few months or so!
31st-Jul-2015 07:12 pm - Surgery Update!

My second surgery is scheduled for the 11th of August, which means I’ll be dead to the world from (rough estimate) August 10th - 15th. Recovery *should* be quicker, as there’s going to be less blood loss and in general the surgery is less dangerous. It’s still going to be weird as heck to be awake during it, but at the same time I’ll be numb to everything and I’ve been told I won’t remember much of it.

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3rd-Jul-2015 02:58 pm - Political Mumbojumbo

I side 92% with Bernie Sanders https://www.isidewith.com/political-quiz

12th-Apr-2015 02:01 am - Hospital

Yeah, I'm kinda a mess. Thanks to Miccy and Mabu for the arts and Darkly for the GoFundMe account thing. This stuff means a lot. A whole lot.
2nd-Jan-2015 03:43 am - 2014 in Review
It sucked.

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21st-Mar-2013 04:11 am - Chatlog
this town sucks
it’s not the worst
but there are a million like it
and millions more better than it
i would not rather be anywhere but here
but there are certainly places i would rather be
i don’t wanna be stuck
and i feel stuck
i want to move forward
and instead at best i move sideways
normally i move backward
if this life is our one life
i do not want to waste it
but it seems it was already wasted before i got the chance to raise a voice of opposition
before i got the chance to show the universe who i really am
if life is really that unfair
then what is the point of it existing
i will keep fighting onward
not for myself
but for the things i might one day become
so at the end of it all
i will be able to say simply
“at least I never gave up”
17th-Dec-2011 06:19 am - Words
I feel odd.

Lemme clarify. So, I’ve spent the better part of the last however long trying to develop a reasonable balance of my internal fiery desire to mold the world around me into the world I think it *should* be against the external constructs that we’re forced to live within. Society, communities, the ongoing battles of various wills for control over their own interpretations of life. I’ve managed to kinda settle into a placid facade of general “okayness” with the way things are, to make things easier to push toward my own personal goals and have fun doing it.

But lately I’ve felt really strained. My general rebellious fiery nature has a habit of wanting to bypass the normal “logical” methods of dealing with things and run in guns blazing. Burn, destroy, excise. Remove the problems with reality at the source. Stop the venom from poisoning others. Make a statement that will FORCE people to take notice, instead of idling by in blissful apathy. Ignore the normal discussions, the “valid” paths of social change, the pointless laws, the general societal constructs that allow us to somewhat peacefully exist in communities…

I need some way of channeling that energy into something productive. Destruction may be fun, but it’s certainly not beneficial in the short term and the long term is a coin toss.

I feel like a time bomb.

(x-posted to Tumblr cuz.)
25th-Nov-2011 04:52 am - Mebbeh Ur a Poneh
It's been a while, eh? I don't use this like I once did. Seems odd, considering it was one of the few things I've generally used routinely through thick and thin. So what have I been up to, you wonder? A whole lot of something and nothing, baby steps and fun.

I got Tumblr. It's kinda, a wonderful mix of all the things I like about this, Twitter, dA, and much of the other social networks out there. Not quite microblogging, but allows for ample room to just infinitely reblog interesting things. One can find it (unsurprisingly) here:


Otherwise, still playing dat Ponycraft, listening to dem musics, readin dem books.

Mebbeh things are going a bit better. Mebbeh not. Everything's constantly in flux. For once though, I can honestly say, this year has been better than... many in recent memory. New friends, better friends, more financial control, more freedom, more... fun. Good times, for the time being.

12th-Oct-2011 01:31 am - Rainbow Factory / AniRave 2011
I need to post on here more often. Silly Minecraft, taking up all of my time that isn't focused on real work. Silly jobs, enslaving me with promises of money that allows me to live. Silly life.

But I digress. It's... uhm... past that time again, but I'm doing it anyway and nopony can stop me! It's time for another AniRave! #8! We've gotta at least get a full decade of these out, or something :p

Invite here: http://oat.nu/8znr4

Info under the break, mostly copy-pasted from last year, as I do every year, because lazeh.
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28th-Apr-2011 02:19 am - Time
Time is so very annoying. They all said that everything would fall in place once I had a job. Well, I'm feeling more stressed then ever because I have even less time than before. There are only 24 hrs in a day... if you spend 7 of them asleep, 8 of them at work, and 1 of them in transit to/from work... that only leaves 8 hours to oneself. ~3 hrs get eaten up by preparing and eating food, general hygiene concerns, various chores, and other daily miscellany. Which puts us down to only 5 hrs. One of them is needed to keep up with various online communities and the like. Now we're down to 4. And I'm supposed to play/beat various vidya, keep up with multiple series, learn to play guitar and keyboard, write, read, tend to a garden, create AMVs, keep up with music, discover new music, learn a programming language or a dozen, learn a foreign language or a dozen, and countless other things I'd like to do in that amount of time?

Not to mention that lately I feel that I've been spending most of that time in a semi-zombie state from some severe lack of energy that can mostly be attributed to depression from the lack of time situation.

I really, really, really hate time.

I'm miserably terrible at this game we call "life". Can I start over?

25th-Apr-2011 01:19 am - The Grand Galloping Gala!
Ponies. You heard me, ponies. You know you love them. You know the season finale is going to be awesome. You know you wanted those tickets.


Here's your ticket.

That's right. It's the Grand Galloping Gala. And you're invited.


Be there and be 20% cooler.

There will be cupcakes. And muffins. Also baked bads. Because.

See you there!
3rd-Apr-2011 12:31 am - Sproingfoild
Huh. I'm in my office thingy at my housey place that is actually mine. This is pretty cool.

In any case, just a quick update to let the worldz know that moving happened, and now I live in Springfield, in a house that I'm renting, and it is awesome.

31st-Mar-2011 01:19 am - Move-in tralala
So for those who don't know, which could basically be everyone because I've been really busy lately and kinda quiet on the internets about what's going on in my life, I move into a rental house on Friday. It's tre cool and junk.

In any case, we need help moving. If any of y'all are available, let me or kanamai know. Starting Friday morning, we'll need help loading up the uhaul in Columbus, and once it's all packed up and junk (yes, there is furniture), then there will be a convoy to Springfield (about 45 minutes west of Columbus on I-70), which is where our house is at. And then there will be unloading and pizza and snacks and soda and lots of cleaning etc. Anyone is more than welcome to stay and the plan is for it to roll into a kinda overnight moving party (not to be confused with the actual housewarming party, which will happen at some point later after we're all set up and unpacked and junk).

But yeah, pizza and snacks and soda will be provided, and anyone who's free and willing is definitely encouraged to help. If you're free but gas expenses or the like are holding you back, let me know and we'll talk and I can probably pay for some or all of the gas and the like.

If you're up for it, just let one of us know. I have work Friday so Robyn's handling all the initial arrangements and the Columbus end of things. I'll show up sometime after midnight Friday to the house in Springfield since I get off work at midnight. And there will be much rejoicing.

Also ponies. Because, well, ponies.

24th-Mar-2011 01:49 am - Firefox 4
...just wow. This is a completely unnecessary and unwanted revision to the browser. Most of my thoughts were written down on the fly in a chat... so I'll just paste those into here.

12:51 AM so Firefox 4. 5 minutes into using it. things i've liked: transparent tab bars, loading bar in tab bar. things i've disliked: skipscreen doesn't work, 4chan extension doesn't work, default was FUCKING SHIT RIBBON BULLSHIT, had to go through far too many clicks and hunting to get the menu bar back and the fucking tab bar where it's supposed to go, "status bar" is now "add-on bar" for add-ons that formerly put stuff in the status bar, now when you hover over a link it shows a pop-up of the url down in the corner rather than, y'know, showing it in the status bar WHERE IT FUCKING BELONGS, also as Bobby so diligently noted double-clicking the tab bar no longer opens new tabs
12:52 AM ok just went to check for updates to add-ons. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT
wheres my nice, organized, contained pop-up window?
what is this webpage shit?
(apparently I just really cannot stand change for the life of me)
12:53 AM (if it ain't broke, and in fact works fucking perfectly and then some, please don't "fix" it)

12:54 AM i dont understand why there's such a push for the contextual ribbon right now
it's very unintuitive
12:55 AM but everything seems to want to move towards it
microsoft created it, you know its retarded

(herein I found a very useful link: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-fix-annoyances-with-firefox-4s-new-look-2011-3?op=1 )

1:03 AM me: yay got my status back to where its supposed to be instead of annoying popups
needed an add-on for it
shouldn't need add-ons to fix what they broke >_<

1:08 AM ok as far as i can tell, skipscreen simply doesn't work with 4 yet
people were testing it out on the beta and it worked, so i don't get it
1:09 AM also hitting "enter" at the end of typing a new search term in google fucks up and opens the new tab page
>_< >_< >_<

1:27 AM me: look, in my day we had Netscape GOLD. FUCKING GOLD. Like Atlantis and shit. We didn't need any gorram tabs. We had windows. And a windows menu to flip through them and keep them organized. And frames, dear god the blissful frames!
1:28 AM And you could view the source on ANY PAGE, ANYWHERE. From Joe Blow's Page of Dirt to the fucking US GOVERNMENT, all was available to view and understand. nothing was hidden, no stupid google bombs and spambot killers and css and javascript hiding everything. and people would leave COMMENTS in the source for fun and profit and to discuss their tricks for making cool shit with the tech of the time.
come back to me 1998
come back

1:30 AM me: one of these days i will buy a house on a hill in a forest and live off the grid forever in peace and not be stressed out by the constant changes and bullshit of the world at large
6th-Mar-2011 11:57 pm - Why is this show so amusing?

Ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies!
1st-Mar-2011 12:03 pm - Meme
Yoinked from hooves.

List 15 of your favorite characters from different series and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they like, to draw conclusions about you based on patterns they've seen.

Character, series

1.) Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, Cowboy Bebop
2.) Haruhi Suzumiya, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
3.) Mion Sonozaki, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
4.) Konata Izumi, Lucky Star
5.) Sakuya Kumashiro, Tenchi in Tokyo
6.) Aisha Clanclan, Outlaw Star
7.) Merle, Escaflowne
8.) Rika Furude, Higurashi no Nako Koro Ni
9.) Hanyuu, Higurashi no Nako Noro Ni
10.) Yuffie Kisaragi, Final Fantasy VII
11.) Kanade Tachibana, Angel Beats!
12.) Minori Kushieda, Toradora!
13.) Kaolla Su, Love Hina
14.) Mahiru Inami, Working!!
15.) Taiga Aisaka, Toradora!

The first five are pretty accurate, the rest were kinda made up on the spot as I remembered characters I really like, so it seems a bit more heavily weighted toward series I've only recently watched. But yeah, what does this say about me? There's been an ongoing joke for years that I tend to really like all the characters everyone else absolutely hates... ^_^;;
19th-Feb-2011 08:53 pm - Writer's Block: The more you know
Should websites like Wikileaks be defended for sharing confidential corporate and government information with the public, and why?

Huh. I don't normally pay attention to these writer's block things, but this one really caught my eye. I am very strongly of the opinion the Wikileaks is a WONDERFUL thing. Of course it should be defended. Secrets breed mistrust. Mistrust breeds contempt. Contempt breeds hate. Hate breeds war. Keeping governments and corporations open keeps transparency, which lets the general public complain when there are problems and notice little problems before they become big problems. It helps keep everyone involved honest and really helps to stem the tide of corruption. And internationally, it helps show what the countries really think of each other in an honest light, which in many cases is very different from the always-proper practiced facade they normally put on for each other.

Certainly I think there's a potential for pure open honesty to also lead to frustration and anger and to even possibly incite wars on an international scale. Wikileaks has so far been very mature about the kinds of data they've let leak, to mitigate those forms of incidents. They've been very good about getting out information that the general public might want to know for each entity whose secrets they're leaking, without necessarily getting into state secrets that could be easily utilized for sabotage and war purposes.

There is far too much secrecy in the world. Wikileaks, and especially the whistleblowers that provide them with data, are doing a great service to the world to get the truth about what's really going on out to the masses.

Of course, now that I've said all this, I'm probably suddenly on some FBI watchlist somewhere :-P
18th-Feb-2011 02:09 am - Hmm
So training at CodeBlue is over. Three weeks down. Test was today. Apparently some 50% fail it. *gulp* I think I did okay. I hope. I won't know until Monday or so tho. Then I'll find out if I'm still hired, and if so, I'll then get my standard schedule and everything. So... here's to hoping.

In other news, the world is a weird place. Check my recent twitter links to know why. http://twitter.com/rail_the_elf
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